Email Marketing


Tracking and Reporting

Not that your clients are fools, but let's face it - HTML is not normally your clients' specialty. That's why BC provides a simple and powerful in-context editing tool. Your clients see their website just as their customers do through a web browser, then they click the bits they want to edit. Easy.


Email Lists

Import email address lists at the touch of a button. Grow your lists by adding newsletter subscription forms to any Web page easily, and create customer newsletter campaigns using your own HTML or one of our free templates. Customize landing pages customers see after clicking a link in your email campaign.


List Segmenting

Target your audience more effectively by creating unlimited numbers of segmented lists based on customer preferences and buying habits. Use the customer report generator to refine and focus your segmented lists over time. Monitor your campaigns to understand how the lists are performing and use the data to sharpen your campaign tactics.


Integrated Customer Database

Grow your customer database every time your customers subscribe or interact with your website. Utilize up to five anniversary dates for each customer, and create loyalty campaigns to automate communication around these key events on a one-on-one basis.


Deliverability & Spam Control

Built-in features like a Double Opt-In mechanism, an Unsubscribe link on all newsletters and the From Email Address Verification all help to ensure delivery and effectiveness of your campaigns. These features build trust with the recipient and add to your Websites credibility.